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If you commission a LifeScape, you will get a very different type of picture. They are often, but not always, historic. You may wish to see a number of different places joined together in a way that suit the memories of the people involved, family members who are no longer with us appear in ways special to the viewers, generations no longer matter, and loved pets can play together even if they never met in reality. A LifeScape is not to be taken lightly, choose your memories carefully.


Loved childhood memories, the tractor the kids sat in with dad, and grandad with his best bucket.

kilandrist commission.jpg

A present for a young lady on competing her degree, memories of her childhood holidays with gandma and grandad

newfield commission.JPG

This house is long gone now, and the new ferry is much bigger, but the same flowers still come back every year, and this is how they like to remember it.


A lovely old west coast smack


The keel of the old smack is still visible on the beach, but grandads BSA is long gone, the hens are now scattered by quads and bicycles.


Hens can be so funny

Catching a memory of that time when the kids are still at home, dogs and cats, work and play. So fragile, and passes so fast, this is a good friends way to help hold the memories.


Cats and dogs, boys and football, working away at family life.

Dads new car, pets and work.

Aarons house 2.jpg
mary commission.jpg

Lots of the places of their world in one page of memories.

Bressay commission.jpg

Its sometimes about capturing a feeling, creating an anchor to hold you fast in  the stream as you move on.

swan colour.jpg

This one is for me, some of my magical memories, ones i'm happy to share.

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