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Card design for Ardminish Stores, Isle of Gigha

ardminish stores.jpg

Card design for Lismore stores

Lismore Store2_edited.jpg

Book cover vol 1


Book cover vol 2

Paulines volume 2.jpg

Promotion for holiday house

Lodge Gigha.jpg

Card design for a cafe

Cafe sheep on roof.jpg

Promotion design for cruise boat

hjalmar bjorge.jpg

Promotion design for restaurant

pier house card.jpg

Promotion design for John Rae society

J Rae house max qual smallest file.jpg

A "special place" commission

cameron cottage commissioin.jpg

Card design for gift shop

appin craft shop dog.jpg

Christmas card design for gift shop

Apin shop xmas.jpg

Business card design for delivery skipper

davie business 3.jpg

A "special place" commission

Frankies Sumburgh.jpg
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