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Getting rid of unnecessaries

I work a lot with paper cutting, the boldness of the image appeals to me. I think it might have something to do with my love of the black and white ink drawings by Victorian artist Aubrey Beardsley when I was a teenager. They were exotic and erotic and bold.

To work in paper cut you have to filter out a lot of visual unnecessaries, (that's what it feels like to me so I am sticking to my made up word) to get to the essence of an image.

I like the technical complexities as you cut you realise you have to make decisions of 'there and not there', it's not just the case of a line being wrong but of loosing a whole section altogether as it literally falls out of the design.

That's not to say my work is always cut as one piece, I often have to use small stuck on sections (often eyeballs) to get the finished result I desire.

Before Christmas I delivered my first workshop in paper cutting and have more lined up for this year. I am looking forward to sharing the simplicity

and complexities and seeing where folk take it in their own style.

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